EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT! The quality of workmanship and attention to detail were fantastic. Our home dates back to 1660 in parts and Chris fully appreciated the need to be sensitive to the unique ‘personality’ of our home …..and its owners….! Where others have seen problems Chris worked with us to find solutions. He has a great customer focus, excellent communication, and he, Kevin and Wayne were always polite, considerate…unlike the general builders and other workmen we had on site. Chris fitted a new oil Grant vortex boiler, upgraded our central heating with multiple new radiators etc. and also 1st and 2nd fit for our en-suite and utility room. Pipe runs were concealed from view to maintain the conservation and historical context of our home so we have the benefits of modern heating and conveniences without visible unsightly surface mounted pipes etc. Chris was also very knowledgeable regarding other domestic building issues. We would recommend him for any similar work and, if he had been available at the time, we would have had him to fit our wood block floor too. Very happy for Chris to give out our details if anyone wants to view his workmanship or ask any specific questions. We will definitely be back in touch when we are ready to install the new kitchen!